• Exclamation W0dd Bangkok earrings
  • Exclamation W0dd Bangkok earrings

Exclamation W0dd Bangkok earrings

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Sterling silver ring 25 mm weight 5 g/pair 


W0dd is an artistic, genderless, symbolic, and hybrid jewelry brand established in October 2021. Based in Bangkok, W0dd specializes in jewelry and objects, adopting a multidisciplinary approach to design. From a collaboration between two owners, both skilled in graphic design and interior design, with the intention of creating an alternative realm of accessories.

The collaboration aims to innovate within the jewelry landscape, reimagining each piece as a sculptural statement for the body. Therefore, we prioritize aesthetic form, meticulously crafting unique pieces using local craftsmanship in Bangkok, exclusively from sterling silver 925.

With a dynamic design and production process based on an experimental approach to material and form, the duo continues to experiment with attention to detail and an emphasis on local craftsmanship in Bangkok.