Rattana goldsmith

In 1975 the owner of Rattana goldsmith (Rattanaporn vivithjinda) started
entering the jewellery industry by becoming an employee of one of the
jewellery stores in Chanthaburi (known as city of gems in Thailand).After spend
more than 10 years worked in this industry, she could see the opportunity to
expand the gems business which is the local valuable treasure in Chanthaburi
to a global business.After put a lot of effort to become an expertise in this
industry, RATTANA GOLDSMITH has become a jewelry store and manufacturing
which specialise in hand made jewelry.Since the first day, it has been more
than 30 years that we have been dedicated to producing more valuable
products so that everyone around the world are able to admire and appreciate
Thai jewelry.In addition, we also love the challenge of finding unique ways to
fulfill my customers' needs.