• Maya wong Sarg bag S
  • Maya wong Sarg bag S
  • Maya wong Sarg bag S
  • Maya wong Sarg bag S

Maya wong Sarg bag S

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Nylon puffy bag with cross body strap.

MAYA WONG is a fashion brand based in Bangkok. Designer Maya Wongwutiyan is a passionate artist who founded brand after studying Fashion Design in Srinakharinwirot University.

Maya has a strong artistic vision that unites all his creations.  The key points of his views and ideas are to stand out in a crowd, be creative, and explore the beauty of being different.  Maya believes that the new generation can achieve gender equality.  In his designs, everyone is capable to dress as they wish, people in his fashion pieces are free to express themselves in their own ways.

The MAYA WONG signature rectangle label represents 24th December, the birthday of the designer, where 24-12 creates the rectangular ratio of 2:1. The logo provides a gateway for the people of today

to enter the new world where we celebrate diversity and freedom. Breaking rules and becoming free.

When the light appears, I’m black;
When I stand among the crowd, I’m red;
When the world is on fire, I’m blue.